Understanding Your Needs

In today’s demanding and complex world bursting with vast volumes of information, it can be difficult to sort through the maze of seemingly unrelated data and arrive at exactly the right information at the right time.  At SOFTLINE SOLUTIONS our team of professionals works hard to understand your unique requirements in relation to business database systems.  We have significant experience in analysing problems and specific needs down to the lowest operational level.

Who Are We 

SOFTLINE SOLUTIONS is a small team of skilled software developers with a strong focus on medium to large database application systems.  Our skills lie in the provision of services in the full development lifecycle of tailored database software applications. 

Our company was established in Perth in 1994 by the principal consultant, Johnny Gervoe, who has fifteen years experience in this industry.  Prior to opening the firm, Johnny was employed with United Construction and Expert Systems of Australia, and he has held numerous contracting positions within the construction and resource industries in Australia and Denmark. 

Softline Solutions has enjoyed steady, controlled growth continuously since establishment in 1994 by employing a high level of integrity and reliability.  By far the majority of our new business is based on referral business from our existing source of satisfied clients. 

We like to play with the newest technologies, but find that by taking a closer look at the real requirements as well as the risks involved, it is not always cost effective to apply untested technologies.  The tested and tried up-to-date technologies applied with a carefully planned growth path, often serves a better purpose for a reliable, long-term solution.



Our services range from requirement specifications and construction to implementation, training and ongoing support.  Our main development platforms include Microsoft Access, Visual Basic and Microsoft SQL Server for traditional client-server applications and Active Server Pages, .NET and Java for web enabled applications.

We have seen the need to provide specialised, quality services in the area of software development, so often neglected.  We have a strong orientation towards client satisfaction.  It is imperative for us to establish stable, long-term partnerships with clients to the benefit of both parties.

Our experience with the full development lifecycle of complete systems applies equally well to integration between other established systems.  The laborious manual processes, often employed to keep several systems in sync, may be solved by developing intermediate hubs of concentrated processing, ensuring reliable data flows and consistency.

Tools used include:

  • Visual Basic / VB.NET

  • Active Server Pages / ASP.NET

  • Microsoft Access

  • Microsoft SQL Server

  • Java

  • HTML

Industries served include:

  • Construction

  • Manufacturing

  • Agriculture

  • Real Estate/Development

  • Laboratories (NATA)

  • Pathology

  • Accounting

  • Marketing

Functions solved include:

  • Client Relationship Management

  • Management Information Systems

  • Finance/Administration

  • Accounting/Inventory

  • Cost Control

  • Document Control

  • Material Tracking

  • Plant Hire/Maintenance

  • Quotations/Ordering

  • Payroll/Timekeeping/HR

  • Job Costing

  • NDT

  • Office Integration

We also have close relationships with other specialised services in order to fill the gap of supplying computer hardware and networking expertise.  This gives us the opportunity to promote a total solution.

Today, SOFTLINE SOLUTIONS provides ongoing development and support services to a broad private and government client base of many industries including construction, agriculture, transport and pathology.


Our business is essentially about people and the skills they carry with them.  The technology in use varies and is only ever as effective and efficient as the people using it.  For our clients to feel enticed to establish close business relationships with us, we employ professionals with a high level of integrity, whom our clients can relate to.

Contact Us

We can be contacted as follows:

Suite 3, 4 Brodie Hall Drive, 
Technology Park, 
Bentley WA 6102

Phone (08) 9361 4900 
Fax (08) 9361 4955

Internet:           www.softlinesolutions.com.au
Email:             info@softlinesolutions.com.au