Because of the location of employees of large national and multi-national companies, the capture of employee timesheets can be managed over the internet/intranet. This timesheet application is accessible from any location in the world, reducing the need for sending spreadsheets or other file formats via email.

It is running on a Java front with a Microsoft SQL Server database platform.

A project tracking application where the client can capture all information related to upcoming and current projects. The application tracks a project in detail from prospect through conceptualisation to design and execution.

The system uses Microsoft SQL Server as the database engine and interacts with external drawing files, documentation and correspondence.

At Softline Solutions, we believe that data structure is the most important element of a database. Having the right structure ensures functionality, flexibility and speed and it communicates our understanding of your business rules.

Employing referential integrity, which are part of most database engines these days, all applications are built to meet the robust requirements that any customer would need to ensure the consistency and reliability of their data.

Employees and applicants are the focus in this system managing the processes of labour hire from sourcing through communicating client orders and hire contracts and tracking the status and history of each applicant. The system is a multi-user application used by local labour hire companies in Perth.

It is running on a Microsoft Access platform.